17 smart ways to save money at festivals

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Music festivals are an amazing summer experience-acres of mud, flower garlands and dubious drunken stunt. But they also don't know they're healthy for your bank account ...

There's a chance you've already forgiven a little bit.

For the freshmen of the festival, in particular, it is easy to complete the expenses more than you planned. So, we have a couple of tested and proven tips to help you cut the costs of the festival without a party!

Huck to save money at music festivals.

Set the daily budget.

In the atmosphere of the festival it is very easy to take away and spend a foolish amount of money on alcohol and food ..

Decide how much money you'll be happy to spend on the entire festival and share them every day. Or take this cash amount (.

In any case, don't think you have to keep up with your friends when it comes to buying things. Lie to the music festival and concentrate on the festival atmosphere ...

Put down the backup fund.Credit: Universal Pictures.

You also need to make sure you put down the contingency fund in case you need to.

The last thing you want is to leave it dry and no money to even feed yourself, and borrow your friends ...

Leave your expensive clothes at home.

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We will not pretend that people don't care how they look at festivals-flower garlands, boring shorts and jewelry accessories-this is the festival ...

But one of the biggest costs this weekend can be.

With limited security, it is better not to bring their favorite instructors or jeans-or any of them.

Remember, the festivals are 80% of the dirt, so all you want to keep clean will be at home!

Look at the free services.

There are a lot of cool services that often go unnoticed at festivals, but with a sharp eye you can get a bit of a nice bag.

You will often find tents in which you can generate the energy that will be generated.

However, there is also a lot to say for switching your phone and actually enjoying the real life on the weekend ...

Bring your own charger.If you don't, you will be charged ... Avoid this by investing in a portable charger-they are not too expensive these days, they are worth long-term investment, and we often borrow them from our own.

The most appropriate charging devices will be able to charge your phone.

If you feel very cheap, you could even offer a charge to another festival-mountain in exchange for beer!

Keep your money safe.Festivals are notorious for being suddenly the most careless people on the planet, and the loss of cash is nearly as common as Hunter Welles on the main stage ...

In addition, with tents, it may be easiest to break in EVER, it is also important to keep your money and valuers at all times ...

Our advice? Investment in.

If you think that carrying a bag is a cardinal sin, go for it.

Don't buy the festival program.Credit: Rapress-.

This may be tempting to pay for the festival program, but it is not necessary, and they tend to be highly inflated ...

With tiny planning, you can.

If you are not very sentimental and you work on a collection of programs from every festival that you have ever been, perform a tanner on the booklet that you are obliged to lose in the mud, has a zero value ...

Don't use ATMs and cash.

Paramount Pictures.

Cash money on you might not feel like the smartest idea, but you're already.It is really easy to lose your debit card if you are constantly blinking in the dirty field, especially among the masses of people who are insured at the festival ..

You'll get everything you need. It is unlikely that any festival will have cash registers, which offer free inference, so do not cast away this time! Get rid of the expenses and withdraw your money before you go ...

Lots of festival cars.The other option is to take.

Book the trip in advance.

Like on any trip, it's simple:

People often make a mistake waiting until the last minute to book their tickets in the hope that prices will fall, but I bet everyone else will have the same idea!

As soon as you know the dates of the festival and the time of the opening of the campsite, book your trip ASAP. And one more thought of something about it later.For more information about how to provide the best prices for your travel, see our manuals.

A car with friends.

Credit: 4 channel.

If you do not plan to use public transport, you can ride with friends or on board to share the cost of what you have assigned to the driver ..

Take the others in the car with you, so you can.You can also use a trip to get a guide for the fun way ahead! Who likes to drive alone?

Let' s check the limits of the festival to save for alcohol.

There's nothing worse than that.Anyway, always make sure you are.

You can also specify the rule (or at least try!) that you will drink water until a certain time of day. It will relieve you of alcohol all day, and your liver will be grateful!

Volunteers to get a free ticket.

Every year, the festivals will be on the stamp for volunteers to help with such things as handing out bracelets at the entrance, selling programs or helping to clean up trash ...

In exchange, you will.

Volunteers to be at festivals for such charities like War Child, you can also get to some of the best festivals in the country-and.

Sign as early as possible, since volunteer positions can quickly be filled. It's also a great way to get to know new people and develop a little bit of comfort.

Processing plastic cups for cash.

As more and more festivals strive to become greenish, making cash for disposal, quickly becomes one of the easiest ways to help finance your festival over the weekend!.

Many of them are difficult to promote,

You can find yourself a couple of extra drinks just because they have the remains, and they are.

Don't spend your money on expensive tents.You can easily spend hundreds on all your camping sites, but it's not necessary, and the chances of it being damaged are (let' s be honest) pretty high ...

Most of the collection you take at the festival ends in a dumpster, because you can always rely on the British summer.

However, you may not want to go for the absolute cheapest, as the quality is probably fair. A lot of cheap, like chips of the festival ends in landfills that have hurt the Earth (garden) ..

You don't have to empty your savings, but if you spend a little more on a tent that lasts a few years, you can use it again, which will save you money and the environment forever! Double win!Close your eyes.

Don't buy festival goods.This may be tempting, when you've just seen the best living set ever in a hurry and bought all the goods of the festival at the offer ...

Step up the moment, like it's gonna blow up in your budget, so take a few deep breathings and take a step back! You'll probably be able to pick it up for cheaper online later ...

If you actually have your heart set on a souvenir, at least.

Get your food and buy a wondor.One of the biggest costs of any festival is food, so planning ahead can save you the absolute state ..

Take some food with you.This may seem obvious, but don't go for anything to do with preparation-when the time comes, most of the effort you can handle, it's opening a package (and even it's pushing it)

If you feel the temptations of the festival food, you pop out all your options before you do-watch what other people order to dry up, which salesmen were walking around.

It might also be worth hanging around the grocery store like them.

Wanew on bottles.

The growing trend in gypsies and festivals is to give you.

A bottle with a bottle in the bottom of your bag can save you by shooting down your drinks, but you'll have to buy later! This rule exists only to get more money from people, in which case it deserves to be broken!

So that's you! Follow these simple advice, and you might end up